Preparatory Department of Russian as Foreign Language

Head Alena V. Kintsel
Address 656049, Russia, Barnaul, Dimitrova Street 66, Room 512a
Tel. +7 (913) 091-54-11

Russian as Foreign Language Preparatory Department of Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science announces the foreign residents’ admission to Russian language courses. Foreign residents of any Russian language level – from beginner to advanced – are accepted. Students groups are formed according to the level of proficiency.

Foreigners have different purposes of studying Russian language: applying for a job; getting a certificate of proficiency in Russian; entering a Russian educational establishment; communicating successfully in different spheres of life.

The Preparatory Department provides training courses oriented to help foreign citizens enter undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs of Altai State University, as well as other higher and secondary specialized education establishments of Russia.

Movie about the Preparatory Department (in Chinese with Russian subtitles)

The teaching process is held by the highly-qualified specialists (Candidates and Doctors of Philology) trained in the framework of Russian as Foreign Language program:

  • Svetlana V. Doronina, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor of the Department of General and Applied Philology, Literature and Russian Language;
  • Alena V. Kintsel, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor of the Department of General and Applied Philology, Literature and Russian Language;
  • Elena Yu. Safronova, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor of the Department of General and Applied Philology, Literature and Russian Language;
  • Julia V. Trubnikova, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of General and Applied Philology, Literature, and Russian Language.
S.V. Doronina A.V. Kintsel E.Yu. Safronova

The education process is conducted with the use of modern multimedia equipment in computer classroms with individual work places. Spoken language classes are taught in up-to-date language laboratories.

Students are provided with the necessary educational materials including electronic library, university's special electronic educational resources and Education in Russian web-site. They also have access to Altai State University library.

Preparatory Department offers different kinds of programs in Russian as foreign language:

  • General program

The program offers studying Russian at Elementary (A1), Basic (A2) and Intermediate (B1) levels.

The educational program for Russian as foreign language involves the completion of one-year Russian language course (1,010 hours) and studying of the following subjects: written language (282 hours), spoken language (278 hours), speech development (274 hours), specialization language (176 hours).

The program offers 4 specializations: liberal arts, economics, natural sciences, engineering and technologies.

The course duration is 10 months (from September to June). Academic groups are formed at the beginning and in the middle of academic year (in September and January).

Students, who complete the program successfully, can take all educational courses provided by Altai State University.

The cost of a one-year course of the Russian as Foreign Language program is 89,000 rubles (around 1,500 USD).

After a one-year course is over students take examinations and get Altai State University certificate of Russian as Foreign Language program completion. Those who complete the course can also take a test in ASU Migrants Testing Center and get a state-recognized certificate of proficiency in Russian.

Students can be provided with dormitory accommodation if needed. The cost is 11,330 rubles (around 180 USD) per academic year.

  • Intensive express-course (summer school)

The course duration is from 10 days to 2 months, 4–6 hours a day.

Express-courses allow to acquire the necessary communicative skills in the shortest possible amount of time or to enhance ones you already have. The program is designed for different levels of proficiency: Elementary (A1), Basic (A2) and Intermediate (B1).

The course contents and the duration depends on students' needs. Classes start when the group (6–7 students) is formed.

The cost of the program is 10,000 rubles (around 160 USD) per month.

The cost of the dormitory room is 1,500 rubles (around 30 USD) per month.

In the course of education a lot of attention is given to national and cultural peculiarities of the Russian language environment. Sightseeing trips to Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia are organized for Preparatory Department students. The cost of the program does not include the cost of the trips.

After the course is over, students get the Certificate of Completion.

Currently, students from Italy, China, Afghanistan, Poland and Slovakia are being trained at the Preparatory Department.

Here you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions (short information on courses) and the application form for obtaining an invitation (visa support).
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