Festival for foreign students at Altai State University

3 December 2016 Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science

China, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Italy, Syria, Turkmenistan are just some of the countries, representatives of which learn the Russian language at Altai State University. Apart from lectures and seminars, ASU foreign students get familiar with Russian culture and get integrated into language environment by communicating with their Russian friends.

Yesterday, 2 December 2016, Altai State University held a festival for foreign students “Let’s Introduce Ourselves in Russian”. The event was organized by lecturers of Preparatory Department of Russian as Foreign Language under the Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science. Foreigners spoke why they had chosen Altai State University, whether they were afraid of severe Russian winters or not, and shared their impressions of Siberia. Russian students, in their turn, told their international friends about Russian culture, customs and traditions. Moreover, everyone had a chance to participate in a wedding rite.

Songs are a vital part of Russian culture. Foreign students presented their vocal skills with great pleasure. There was not a single false note and the repertoire was chosen well enough to touch the guests’ feelings. Katyusha, Oh, the Arrowwood Is Blooming, and other popular Russian songs were performed. ASU foreign students enjoy them as much as the songs written in their native languages.

Literature is another part of Russian culture, which foreigners enjoy even more. They like poetry by A.S. Pushkin most of all. The 1st year student from Uzbekistan majoring in Philology Farrukh Toshniyezov outdid everyone in the art of recitation.

The participants shared their impressions of the event.

Roman Kurek, Slovakia:

“I liked the event very much. I’ve learnt a lot of new things about other countries, Russian culture and traditions. I like Russia for local people’s attitude towards me. I would call it humane attitude. For instance, every morning I shake hands with security guards, a cloakroom attendant always asks how I am getting on, employees of the university café wish me to have a nice day. The openness, frankness and immediacy amaze me most of all.”

Fei Fei, China:

“I am happy to have participated in such a great festival. I like Russian culture and Russian people. Most of all I am surprised at people’s kindness and helpfulness under any circumstances.”

Alena V. Kintsel, Head of the Preparatory Department of Russian as Foreign Language:

“Our festival somehow indicated our results in education. Newcomers, who have just arrived in Russia, got an opportunity to watch at students, who have been studying here for a long time already, and it supported them. It is also great that our Russian students can get acquainted with international ones. I hope we will continue holding such events and they will become more frequent.”

The event was carried out in a very warm and friendly atmosphere and made everyone understand that even though all people are different, they still can communicate with each other and interact on equal terms.

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