ASU hosted the 6th scientific conference “Young Scientists’ View of Altai Tourism”

30 April 2016 Faculty of Geography
“Young Scientists’ View of Altai Tourism” scientific conference was held at Altai State University on 26 April in the framework of the III International Forum “Visit Altai”. The conference was organized by ASU Department of Recreational Geography, Tourism and Regional Marketing.

The event was devoted to tourism development issues on the territory of the Great Altai. The number of participants was more than 90 people, including representatives of Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

In the course of the plenary session, the participants discussed the social project called “Altai Krai Representatives”, future pink-collar workers’ level of tolerance, the usage of archaeological sites in tourism, tourist website creation for the purpose of excursion industry development.

The round table, organized by Altaipark director R.N. Romanov on the premises of Barnaul Fortress park, turned out to be interesting as well. It was held in a stylized yurt against a background of Altai historical and archaeological park’s exposition featuring the pictures of Altai mountain landscape made by photographic artist V.N. Stepanyuk. In the course of the roundtable the participants discussed different forms of the Great Altai tourism development. The pace was set by assistant professor of the Department of Physical Geography and Geographic Information Systems, Candidate of Geography I.N. Rotanova, who told the audience about the research on the territory of Belokurikha healthcare resort. Candidate of History K.Yu. Kiryushin made an interesting report on the results of the recently conducted archaeological research and the opportunity of using them in tourist industry. R.N. Romanov showed the capabilities of modern amusement parks in terms of scientific tourist product creation and promotion. The discussion was finished by head of the Department of Recreational Geography, Tourism and Regional Marketing A.G. Redkin, who presented his concept of geopark establishment in mountainous part of Altai Krai as an integrating project for mountain territories development.

A collective volume of the conference results is planned to be published.

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