Students and lecturers of the Faculty of Geography have climbed Elbrus

27 September 2016 Faculty of Geography

On 18 September 2016 ASU geographers ascended the highest mountain of Russia – Elbrus (5,642 m). The expedition of ASU Tourist Club started on 10 September and was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Geography. Two of members of the team (1st year master’s degree student of the Faculty of Geography Evgeniy Slazhnev and assistant professor of the Department of Natural Management and Environmental Geoscience, Candidate of Geography Svetlana Semikina) climbed the western part of Elbrus successfully in spite of stormy wind.

Other expedition participants (graduates of the Faculty of Geography Dmitry Lebed, Ekaterina Sovkova, Anna Karavaeva, Ivan Kostyuk, Ilya Sinyavskiy) made two attempts to ascend the mountain, but they only managed to climb up to 4,800–5,200 m due to meteorological conditions and considerable altitude.

We congratulate the expedition participants on their success, look forward to their returning home and sharing the details of their trip!

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