Major conference with international participation ended at the Faculty of Geography

25 November 2016 Faculty of Geography
All-Russian Youth Conference with International Participation “Young Scientists’ Geographic Research in the Regions of Asia” took place at ASU Faculty of Geography on 8–11 November 2016. This conference was carried out for the 2nd time and there are good reasons for hoping that it will eventually become a traditional event.

The first two days of the conference were dedicated to nothing but science in all its forms and manifestations. The event program included plenary session, open lectures, masterclasses, seminars, etc. Young scientists exchanged their experience in geography and geo-ecology and shared the results of their research. In total, there were 5 topic-related workshops on modern geographical problems, environmental management, social geography, tourism, intercultural communications and geographical information systems. The best reports were chosen at every workshop.

The most memorable turned out to be the works related to the usage of new technologies in geography. It is worth noting that all participants’ level of competence was quite high.

Altai State University received a lot of requests for participation not only from Russian cities, but from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Germany.

“The conference aroused great interest, because we chose the right direction. It is important for young people to deliver their reports in public and exchange opinions. This is the thing we reckoned on. The participants say that communication at the conference has already helped them a lot. Even though the conference lasted a few days, such events are in high demand. This youth conference is of paramount significance in terms of exchanging experience and new ideas,” commented Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Geography and Geographic Information Systems Natalia F. Kharlamova.

Participant from Moscow, Candidate of Geography, Assistant Professor, Vice-Rector at State University of Management Nikolay N. Mikhailov voiced his opinion as well:

“Major research can only be conducted jointly, when opinion exchange takes place. I believe that the neighbours of Altai represented by Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China are very important for this region in various aspects. Although, Altai State University should get to a higher level. It should invite prominent scholars and lecturers to such events. And if there is such an opportunity ASU scientists should also participate in every conference possible.”

According to the workshop moderators, the majority of research works were surprisingly relevant and distinctive. The speakers showed their oratorical skills and their ability to make the audience interested. They duly appreciated the quality of organization, said warm words about Altai State University in general and its hospitality in particular. Lecturers and participants impressed by the heightened interest among the youth and noted that it had been pleasant speaking in classrooms full of attentive listeners asking a lot of questions.

Scientific part of the program ended on 9 November, but the participants were provided with unique opportunity to continue experience and knowledge exchange in less formal surroundings during the off-site session in Belokurikha, which took place on 10 November.

Such major conferences are aimed not only at sharing research results, but also at integration of Russian constituent entities with each other and foreign countries. Moreover, informal communication between young scientists and their supervisors has a positive impact on academic and social spheres.

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