ASU carried out international conference on nature, history and culture of Western Mongolia for the first time

22 September 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
On 20 September 2017 Altai State University hosted the International Scientific Conference “Nature, History and Culture of Western Mongolia and Neighboring Territories” for the first time. It is the 13th conference in succession. It has been held at other places before since 1991.

Khovd State University has been a key organizer of the conference for 26 years. Apart from this Mongolian higher education establishment, different universities located in the south of Western Siberia such as Tomsk State University, Gorno-Altaysk State University and other acted as a venue.

“Two years ago Khovd State University asked Altai State University as a partner in the Association of Asian Universities to carry out the conference on the premises of ASU. That is why the 13th conference is held at the flagship university of Altai Krai,” Head of the Department of Recreational Geography, Tourism and Regional Marketing at the Faculty of Geography of ASU, Candidate of Gepgraphy, Assistant Professor Alexander G. Redkin. “The participants include a big delegation from Khovd State University, scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Korea. Our main goal is to attract attention to the Great Altai occupying a unique region located on the territory of four countries, but being a single natural, cultural and social part of the planet.”

The work of the conference was organized in 6 directions:

  • Environmental conditions, rational use of natural resources and assessment of ecological situation in the region;
  • Research of ecosystems and biodiversity and their preservation;
  • Methods of natural sciences in archaeology, ethnography and history;
  • Modern geopolitical space, social, economic, ethnic, cultural and religious processes;
  • Linguoculturological processes and development of education in trans-border region;
  • Tourism and regional development.

“Section on tourism and regional development has been opened at the conference for the first time. Currently, this scope of activity is an integrator of various processes that occur in different sectors of life of different countries and nationalities,” Alexander G. Redkin specified.

It remains to be added that Altai State University and Khovd State University had signed an agreement on cooperation in education, science, culture and other areas before the start of the conference.

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