ASU scientists studied natural factors of wellness tourism development in Altai Krai

2 November 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
Research made by scientists from the Faculty of Geography of Altai State University has shown that wellness tourism can be practiced nearly throughout the entire territory of Altai Krai.

The results of the preliminary research by ASU scientists were presented in the framework of The III Siberian International Forum on Health and Medical Tourism at the meeting of the section "The Role of Natural, Scientific and Production Potential of Altai Krai in the Development of Balneology and Health Tourism". Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Geography and Geographic Information Systems, Candidate of Geography Natalia F. Kharlamova presented a report on natural factors of wellness tourism development in Altai Krai.

“Almost the entire territory of Altai Krai has unique natural curative and health resources, which are currently used irrationally, because the majority of tourists are amateur. For the most part, wellness tourism in our region is of a massive nature and is not regulated by medical indications,” Natalia F. Kharlamova noted. “For many years, by the initiative of ASU geographers, a set of works on generalization and analysis of the natural and recreational potential for the development of wellness tourism, one of the most dynamically developing segments of tourism, was carried out using modern methods and approaches, such as geo-ecological analysis, GIS technologies, and others. We have determined that unique climatic, balneological and landscape conditions create opportunities for traveling, which would combine relaxation, treatment and health improvement not only within the well-known Russian resort of Belokurikha, but also in other recreational areas of Altai Krai.”

According to Natalia F. Kharlamova, analysis of the natural factors has shown that there are 7 zones within the territory of Altai Krai, where wellness tourism can be practiced.

“One more unique feature of Altai Krai is that it is possible to carry out tourism operations during both warm and cold seasons. In the future, we are going to conduct more detailed studies of the natural and recreational potential of the region and work out all the details. At the same time I would like to note that such large-scale scientific research is possible only with the support of Altai Krai Government," Natalia Kharlamova emphasized.

It is to be added that this complex of scientific research is carried out in the framework of the implementation of a strategic project by Altai State University entitled "Creating an Innovative Model of the Tourist and Recreational System in Altai Krai and Cross-Border Regions of the Great Altai".

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