ASU graduate is preparing to defend a master’s thesis at the University of Passau

28 February 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Anastasia Plesovskikh, graduate of the Faculty of History of Altai State University, is preparing to defend a master's degree thesis at the University of Passau in Germany in 2018.

In 2015 Anastasia graduated from Altai State University, where she majored in International Relations. After that she decided to continue her education in Germany by enrolling in the University of Passau located in the administrative district of Lower Bavaria and taking the English-language program "Russian and East Central European Studies".

According to Anastasia, she had planned to take a program on international relations at Altai State University since she was at school, as it provided an opportunity to learn foreign languages and get acquainted with the culture of other countries. After earning the bachelor's degree, she decided to go to Germany for a similar training program. ASU graduate applied to several German universities, but she chose the University of Passau, because it took the leading positions in German and European rankings in the field of law, management and international relations and she had a chance of undergoing training free of charge.

"It isn’t difficult to collect the necessary documents. It all depends on what major you want to take and what university you apply for. The most important thing is to pay attention to the requirements for the package of documents on the websites of the selected universities, as they depend on the major and university. In my case, I needed certified and translated copies of my ASU diploma and school certificate. I also had to take a language exam in English, so I took the IELTS academic test. Take special note of the fact that it is necessary to pass academic IELTS instead of the general version – it is more difficult, and preparation takes more time. And be sure to look at the points. In my case it was 6.5 points, but some majors require 8 points. In addition, there is an opportunity to apply immediately to both English and German programs," Anastasia explained.

Anastasia Plesovskikh believes that Altai State University provides excellent education and training, and therefore study in Germany does not seem complicated. Of course, there is a difference in the construction of the learning process, but Anastasia immediately joined the educational process, even though she did not make it to the orientation weeks because of the delay in obtaining a visa.

"Believe in yourself, because studying abroad is possible! I couldn’t afford to go studying abroad, but I'm still here. Studying in Germany is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main principle is the same as in Russia – you just need to hand over all the work in time and meet the deadlines. The process of my admission can be divided into three stages: first I thought it was impossible and that only geniuses can study there, then I gradually turned my dreams into actions, and now I'm here. One more thing, it is better to do everything not just in time, but in advance. Then the chances for admission will be even greater. Everything is possible, just believe in it. I wish you good luck!" Anastasia Plesovskikh summed up.

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