Foreign students of ASU took part in Congress for Tajik Students Studying Abroad

20 August 2018 Department of Educational and Extracurricular Work
On August 11–12, 2018 the IV Congress of Tajik Students Studying Abroad was held in honor of the International Youth Day in Tajikistan.

The event hosted more than two hundred students, natives of Tajikistan, who study at universities all around the world.

Local students also became active participants of the meeting. It was important and interesting for them to learn about the experience, the conditions of education and life from their compatriots studying abroad.

Altai State University delegation turned out to be the largest one at the Congress. Fifteen students represented the faculties of mass communications, philology and political science, arts, history, geography, physics and technology, and economics, management and informational systems.

The Congress was organized by the Committee for Youth and Sports under the Government of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Education and Science of Tajikistan, and the Committee for Women's Affairs of Tajikistan.

One of the co-organizers of the Congress, the second-year master’s degree student of the Faculty of Mass Communications, Philology and Political Science at Altai State University Nazrikhudzha Saidaliyev, delivered a report at the plenary session and told the audience about Tajik students’ life in Altai Krai in general and at Altai State University in particular.

Nazrikhudzha Saidaliev is also a representative of the Group for Tajik Students Studying Abroad at the Committee for Youth and Sports under the Government of Tajikistan.

The participants of the Congress were greeted by the Chairman of the Committee for Youth and Sports Rustam Akhtam. He also presented N. Saidaliev with a letter of appreciation for his initiative and active participation in Altai State University students’ involvement in the Congress.

After the Congress opening ceremony in Dushanbe the forum participants went to the city of Tursunzoda, which is located seventy kilometers from the capital of Tajikistan. There they met the mayor of the city and the youth living in Tursunzoda. Later, the students visited the museums of the city, the library, and the big concert featuring Tajik celebrities. The participants of the event built a traditional symbolic fire, communicated with each other, sang, and danced. The Congress ended with a visit to Tajik Aluminium Company (TALCO), the largest plant in Tajikistan.

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