ASU Professor joins international expert group on plant condition control in new botanical garden of Astana

31 August 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
The scientist of Altai State University entered the group of experts invited to supervise the botanical garden opened in Astana.

Director of the South Siberian Botanical Garden under Altai State University, Doctor of Biology, Professor Alexander I. Shmakov became one of the seven experts invited for the position of chief curator at the botanical garden, where plants from Siberia, the Far East and Mongolia were planted.

Since it is planned to collect plants from all over the world for the botanical garden of Astana, the experts from France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan were also included in the expert group. During the visit to Astana, the scientists attended a meeting with the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The area of the botanical garden in Astana is 92 hectares. The total cost of the project is 23 billion tenge, including 12 billion tenge of private investments. The park has greenhouses for growing tropical, desert plants, as well as succulents. More than 33 thousand trees have been planted on the territory of the new garden. There is an artificial pond, bicycle paths, running tracks and sidewalks made of paving stones.

There is the Linear Park located near the garden, the green area of which is 141 thousand square meters. Here you can find 10 thousand deciduous and coniferous trees.

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