II International Biotechnological Symposium "Bio-Asia 2018" starts Altai State University

26 September 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
On September 24 the opening ceremony of the II International Biotechnological Symposium "Bio-Asia 2018" took place at Altai State University. Representatives of educational and scientific organizations from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Slovakia and Egypt attend the event.

Several major events are held in the framework of the symposium: the scientific and practical conference "Biotechnology and Society in the 21st Century", the conference "Supercritical Fluid Technologies in Pharmacy and Biomedicine", the round table "From Idea to Commercial Product: Problems of Biotechnological Developments Commercialization" and the 9th All-Russian School-Conference for Young Scientists "Supercritical Fluid Technologies in Solving Environmental Problems".

When opening the symposium, the Rector of Altai State University Sergey Zemlyukov noted that a significant part of those present at the symposium were young people, who had a growing interest in the natural sciences.

"We are now facing an increase in the interest of young people, particularly school graduates, in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical technologies, and chemistry as a scientific direction. At the same time, we see an interest in our scientific developments of the Altai biopharmaceutical cluster, and the result of this attention was winning the megagrant competition with a project to produce a new substance for the development of salbutomol. It is also encouraging that today the university science and education act for the benefit of the development of the advanced branches of the economy of the Altai Krai. This direction of development is promising for Altai State University. This once again confirmed participation of leading scientists of our country, who we are going to discuss the future of Russian biotechnology, in today's symposium," Rector of Altai State University Sergey Zemlyukov said.

The leading expert of the round table "From Idea to Commercial Product: Problems of Biotechnological Developments Commercialization" Maria Galyamova, director for projects and programs in biomedicine and biotechnology of Academpark (Novosibirsk), welcomed the symposium participants and noted that Academpark had been cooperating with Altai biopharmaceutical cluster and Prombiotech Engineering Center at ASU for a long time.

"We hope that we will be able to build an effective, mutually beneficial partnership between Novosibirsk institutes and companies, Academpark, which receives many requests for biotechnological development and training in this area, and Altai State University that can realize these requests. It is very pleasant that Bio-Asia 2018 is held for the second time, and we hope that it will become a traditional event. We know how difficult it is to create a professional community within a region, how difficult it is to hold an event for the professionals of the country. Meeting at Bio-Asia symposium, where we will discuss vital issues that are important for all Russian biotechnologists, should become a good tradition," Maria Galyamova emphasized.

The first day of the symposium was full of major events: conferences, meetings, round tables. Further, the participants of Bio-Asia 2018 work on sections that are held in three universities of Barnaul – Altai State University, Altai State Technical University and Altai State Agrarian University. In addition, the section on agricultural biotechnology is conducted by Altayvitaminy Company in Biysk.

The work of the II International Biotechnology Symposium "Bio-Asia 2018" will continue until September 28.

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