ASU archaeologists have taken part in international scientific conference in Nanjing

6 July 2016 Faculty of History

In 2014 Altai State University and Nanjing University of China signed an agreement on scientific and educational cooperation development. One of the key cooperation areas is archaeology. Currently, the parties are implementing a number of joint scientific and research projects.

In May 2016 Nanjing hosted the 2nd International Scientific Conference “Archaeology and Conservation along the Silk Road”. The conference organizers included Nanjing University, the University of Aplied Arts Vienna and Austrian Archaeological Institute. Lecturers of ASU Department of Archaeology, Ethnography and Museology A.A. Tishkin, S.P. Grushin and N.N. Seregin took part in the event and delivered the reports on the results of research conducted in Altai. Nankin was also visited by delegation from Iran and other Eurasian countries.

At the opening ceremony Professor A.A. Tishkin was provided with an opportunity to deliver a welcoming speech. He had been invited to Nanjing University as a leading scientist. Aster all the planned meetings, the participants proceeded to the sightseeing tour. ASU delegation also visited big modern campus of Nanjing University, which had been built for 8 years. Next year, besides Professor A.A. Tishkin, the lectures will be given by Docotr of History S.P. Grushin, who also got the grant of invited foreign expert. In the framework of joint projects, the scientists will soon start going on expeditions, conduct international scientific seminars, write joint articles, which will be published in Russian and Chinese periodicals and top-rated scientific journals.

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