ASU archaeologists delivered the reports at Harvard and Boston Universities

8 July 2016 Public Relations Department
Head of ASU Department of Archaeology, Ethnography and Museology, Doctor of History, Professor Alexey A. Tishkin and senior research worker of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Study of West Siberian and Altai Archaeology, Candidate of History Nikolai N. Seregin participated in the Seventh Worldwide Conference of the Society for East Asian Archaeology, which was held on the premises of Harvard and Boston Universities in the United States of America.

ASU archaeologists were the only representatives of Russian science at the major international forum. They shared the results of the research, which they have been carrying out in Mongolia for 10 years. In particular, Alexey A. Tishkin delivered a report about the study of deer stones – the basic source for reconstructing culture of Central Asian nomads. Nikolai N. Seregin told the audience about the excavations of Turkic fencings that had been discovered by Barnaul archaeologists in Mongolia.

“By participating in the conference as members of East Asian Archaeological Society, we have received vast experience in modern scientific activities organization. We understood that foreign science reacts to the flow of time in a flexible manner and found out what forms of consolidation and cooperation were the most effective. I think it can be successfully implemented in Altai State University,” says Alexey Tishkin. “The conference program included work with East Asian collections at the museums of Boston, Cambridge, Salem, Newark, New York, Princeton and Philadelphia. The most important event was spending several hours at the Metropolitan Museum and visiting the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia. To sum up, our trip to the United States was not only intensive and comprehensive, but also productive. Of course, the most impression was left by Harvard and Princeton Universities.”

One of the main outcomes of ASU scientists’ participation in the international conference has been forging closer links with the specialists of the world’s leading scientific centers conducting archaeological and interdisciplinary research. It is important to note that Nanjing University delegation from China was present at the forum. In 2014 Altai State University and Nanjing University signed an agreement for scientific and educational cooperation.

Currently, there are a number of joint scientific and research projects being realized, while Doctors of History A.A. Tishkin and S.P. Grushin were awarded grants as invited leading scientists in archaeology.

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