ASU scientists’ biotechnological developments were presented at the All-Russian Field Day – 2016

20 July 2016 Department for IT Support of Academic Activities
On 14–15 July 2016 Altai Krai hosted a major and significant event called the All-Russian Field Day, which took place on the premises of Siberian Agropark in Pavlovsky District.

The significance of the event is proved by the fact that the all-Russian level of the agricultural exhibition has been confirmed in 2008. The land area of the agropark is about 9 ha. The forum participants included the representatives of more than 50 Russian constituent entities, Belarus, Israel, Spain, Korea, Germany and Kazakhstan. The forum provided special business-sites, where scientists, agricultural producers, government officials and managers discussed the relevant issues concerning technical modernization, development of dairy and beef cattle breeding, growing usage of biotechnologies in agricultural industry, etc. On the first day the event was visited by more than 7 thousand people. Moreover, the heads of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Trade came to the Field Day and announced the increase in the government support of farmers and mechanic engineers. In the course of the forum, dozens of business meetings were organized.

Altai State University Scientists, who work in the area of biotechnologies in agriculture, participated in roundtable “Modern Technologies in Agriculture. Problems in Agricultural Industry and Ways of Solution”. ASU research teams conduct grand scale work in the direction of study and implementation of biotechnologies in the region’s agricultural sector. One of the leading speakers at the roundtable “The Effectiveness of Modern Technologies and Biological Products in Agriculture” was Assistant Professor of ASU Department of Physical and Chemical Biology and Biotechnology, director of the Center for Biological Innovative Technologies, Candidate of Biology Sergey V. Smirnov, who delivered a report called “Import-Substituting Innovative Biotechnologies Developed by ASU for Agricultural Industry”. Sergey V. Smirnov presented the key competitive biological products and agrobiotechnologies that had been developed by ASU, justified its effectiveness in terms of regional agriculture and touched upon the importance of ASU scientists’ developments in import substitution of biotechnologies.

The forum experts highly appraised scientific developments in the area of biotechnologies offered by Altai State University. In particular, official representative of BISOLBI company, which produces microbial products and fertilizers, E.V. Voinov noted that agrobiotechnologies developed by ASU scientists would become a basis for establishing the high-quality production in Altai Krai that will increase its potential in terms of promising food market creation and import substitution. In its turn, BISOLBI got interested in specific developments of Altai State University scientists and agreed to collaborate.

It is to be noted that a number of forum experts described ASU biotechnological projects as relevant due to the demand of the market and consumers for this kind of products.

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