Representatives of ASU Student Scientific Society participated in The II Summit for Student Leaders from the SCO Countries

28 September 2017 Student Scientific Society

The II Summit for Student Leaders from the SCO Countries took place on 13–16 September 2017 in Altai Krai and Altai Republic. Student Scientific Society of Altai State University was represented there by its chairman Victoria Nechayeva, student of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems, and activist Vladimir Kalinkin, student of the Faculty of Geography.

The event was supported by Presidential grant, while welcoming speech was delivered by Rector of SCO University Vladimir Philippov.

The summit experts included: A.A. Pyatkovskiy, Head of the Department for Youth Policy and Sport of Kemerovo Oblast; M.Yu. Ostreykina, Director of the Center for Student Programs at Russian Union of Youth; I.Yu. Rudyka, leading specialist in youth outreach of the Siberian Federal District, representative of the Government Agency for Youth Affairs in Altai Krai; M.A. Khabarova, representative of the Government Agency for Youth Affairs in Tula Oblast; P.A. Korotkov, Head of the Department for Accreditation at the National Center for Professional and Social Accreditation; S.V. Shchetinin, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The attendees participated in masterclasses, discussions, educational seminars, cultural and excursion program in the framework of the event.

Representatives of Altai State University shared their impressions of the summit.

Vladimir Kalinkin:

“This summit has been the first major international event for me to participate in. Unfortunately, the time passed very quickly. We didn’t have any free time and managed to learn a lot of new information due to this. However, we had some time to have rest as well. We visited a cable way in Manzherok, a hydro-electric power station in Chemal, got acquainted with culture and history of Altai at the State Museum of Altai Republic. I hope that I will be able to go to the next summit. Great thanks to the organizers!”

Victoria Nechayeva:

“The II Summit for Student Leaders from the SCO Countries has been an event, where I managed to have a rest, find inspiration, establish new contacts, acquire new skills, and give thought to some philosophical and patriotic questions such as “Am I ready to sacrifice myself for my motherland?” The event was also practice-oriented. Due to it I have become a person responsible for organization of Russian Student Week at ASU. Let’s get down to business! I invite everybody to participate in this event. Stay tuned.”

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