ASU held roundtable on development and retention of talented young people

5 February 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Roundtable entitled “Development and Retention of Talents in a Region”, which was organized by flagship Altai State University and Crimean Federal University, was carried out on the premises of Sirius educational center in Sochi within the framework of the II All-Russian Conference "The Way to Success: Strategies for Support of Talented Children and Youth".

The topic of the roundtable attracted attention of a large number of participants and experts, including representatives of regional government bodies and heads of higher educational institutions of Russia. The presidium of the event was headed by the Rector of Altai State University Sergey V. Zemlyukov and the Acting Rector of Crimean Federal University Andrei P. Falaleev.

At the meeting it was noted that each region has its own specific features in terms of development and retention of gifted young people, but at the same time there are universal ways of influencing talented children, and one of them is increased scholarships. Another one is opportunities for future employment.

"It is very difficult to achieve the desired result without communication with the professional community of this or that region. Therefore, universities tend to develop joint projects with employers to attract successful students, where a great role is played by the opportunities for further employment of students," Head of the Department for Prospective Students Recruitment at ASU Elena Goncharova noted.

Speaking at the round table, the First Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Altai State University Evgeniy E. Shvakov noted that attractiveness of educational programs plays an important role in working with gifted children. In particular, Altai State University tried to solve the problem by launching 11 new programs aimed at satisfaction of entrants’ wide needs. Altai State University has also developed successfully working scholarship programs, formed a regularly renewed student activist core, strengthened the scientific base, enhanced cooperation with the region’s leading businesses, etc.

In the course of the round table between the regions, a discussion arose about ways to overcome existing problems, as well as the possibility of mass education for gifted young people.

"The participants of the round table have come to the conclusion that working with gifted young people requires systematic approach in all areas of activity and the contribution of each educational institution plays a crucial role in this matter. This problem must be solved only together. Therefore, as a result, it has been decided to use the best achievements of each university of the country. Altai State University has become the first educational establishment to share the successful experience in this direction of work," Elena Goncharova summed up.

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