The university courtyard of ASU became a platform for four city events

11 September 2018 Center for Creativity and Leisure of Students and Staff

The “First Ball of the Fall” with the studio of the ancient dance “Golden Age” of the Center for Creativity and Leisure of Students and Employees of the AltSU became the beginning of the festive events in the most cozy corner of our university. Couples walking in the courtyard in suits of the 16th –19th centuries, cozy benches and blooming campus beds conveyed the atmosphere of the beginning of the holiday in a truly colorful way.

The ball was opened by a festive polonaise - a dance that arose in the middle of the 15th century and reached our days. Further, as according to the program of secular balls, flowed - a grand march, a figure waltz, a bourrée de Achille, a cotillion, etc. What made this ball special was that the audience had the opportunity to learn ancient pas on the set and perform a dance composition together with the artists of the studio.

Having picked up the mood of classicism, the poets of the Living Word studio of the Center for Creativity and Leisure of Students and ASU staff organized an improvised “poetic cafe” on the stage of the university courtyard. Students-poets have touched the hearts of Barnaul not only with the performance of classical works, but also with the works of their own composition.

Replaced poets on the stage of the urban beauty contest "Miss Barnaul - 2018", of the 16 participants in the title claimed four girls from our university. This annual competition is the official qualifying round of the main competition of the country - "Miss Russia" and is held with the support of the city administration, city committee on youth affairs. Despite the bad weather, the competition was attended by more than a thousand Barnaul.

Following the beauty contest, the ceremonial closing of the Barnaul-2018 Zonal urban student construction project took place. This year more than 200 students took part in the construction: 5 construction teams, 3 environmental and 1 service. The list of participants included groups working not only in the city, but also at the enterprises of the suburb. For two months, students were engaged in landscaping the city of Barnaul, worked at the city industrial enterprises and in the field of service. In addition, as part of the construction, students actively conducted sports events and creative competitions.

The concert program “Barnaul student, youth, creative” with the participation of the teams of our university became a perfect end.

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