Archaeologists of Altai State University found remains of an old chapel

6 September 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Archaeologists discovered the remains of an old chapel during an emergency excavation at the site of future construction in Barnaul.

The engineer of the Department for Support of Research and Development Work at Altai State University, Candidate of History Vladimir Semibratov commented on the discovery.

“There are old plans of the city, but in practice everything turns out a little wrong: some things are being refined and adjusted. We found the remains of the chapel of 1909, but it had an extension. To study the history of the city, it was important to find this place – in addition to the ancient graves that are located there, it’s important to locate the chapel, because we will then attach all the historical plans to it,” Vladimir Semibratov said.

According to him, archaeological work is carried out only at emergency sites meant for construction. At the same time, he emphasized that the further fate of the chapel should be decided by collective efforts: it is necessary to open the entire perimeter in order to understand where the chapel goes – whether it falls on the roadway or remains in the pedestrian zone.

The chapel was built on the site of the altar of the first temple in Barnaul. In 1935, during the anti-religious persecution in the USSR, it was destroyed.

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