Over 3 thousand students from 100 universities of Russia participate in the program “My Project of the Future” developed at Altai State University

13 November 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
More than 3 thousand students from 100 higher educational institutions of the country have become contenders for the inclusion in the teams of young researchers of the leading scientific teams of the flagship universities in Russia, registered on the Internet portal "My Project of the Future".

“My Project of the Future” is a global scientific list developed at Altai State University, which combines all areas of research and training programs for students. The innovative solution to this project is based on creating a motivational environment for all participants in the scientific process – active users of the portal.

“With the help of the project, a young scientist can look into the future and see themselves in 5 or even 15 years as part of the country's leading scientific team, see the success stories with real examples. The portal is integrated with the Federal Business Network “LevelPride.com” in which users maintain their profiles and make personal achievements, including scientific ones,” project manager, researcher at the South Siberian Botanical Garden, Assistant Professor of the Department of Botany, Candidate of Biology Alexey V. Vaganov said.

The Internet portal “My Project of the Future” is a consolidated resource containing information on research teams, researchers and their projects. The portal’s functionality provides a young researcher (graduate, student, schoolchild) with the opportunity to build an individual personal trajectory (the principle of “social elevator”) according to the options for combining educational and scientific activities in one of the best competitive scientific teams in the country. The portal allows any user to get acquainted with the scientific infrastructure of the leading teams of the country, the professions in demand and everything necessary for the formation of their own ideas about the required research competencies of the future.

“Within the framework of the portal, a young researcher can apply for a vacant place and receive an invitation to join a real research team. Currently, the portal presents research teams of three major universities of Russia: Altai State University, Togliatti State University and Pskov State University. These are leading scientific teams that have a high research level, which is confirmed by the Hirsch index,” Alexey Vaganov explained. “My Project of the Future” is a tool for uniting science-oriented young people and existing research teams in need of new young specialists.”

It remains to be added that a month ago, the Internet portal “My Project of the Future” was among the winners of the “Best Informatization Projects in Altai” competition, taking the third place in the “Best Educational Project” nomination.

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