Scientist of Altai State University gets a chance to claim the Nobel Prize

30 September 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientist of Altai State University Alexander Bondarev, as part of a team of specialists, developed a method for simplifying the synthesis of aniline – a substance that is found in dyes, artificial and pure rubber, fertilizers and medicines.

Before long, the scientists will be able to claim the Nobel Prize. A group of scientists in Tomsk managed to find a method for the rapid and economical production of aniline within two years of work. The data obtained will reduce the harm of synthesis and make production more environmentally friendly.

In the coming year, the scientists hope to get a patent for their development. After that, they will start negotiations with aniline producers. The method of one-step synthesis of aniline is an important technology, but it does not amount to the Nobel Prize. However, the researchers still have chances.

“If we or someone else could discover a method for producing aniline from benzene and nitrogen, which is literally in the air, this could probably be the discovery of the Nobel Prize level,” project manager, Professor at N.M. Kizhner Scientific and Educational Center of Tomsk Polytechnic University Victor Filimonov said.

One of the team members is Alexander Bondarev, specialist in quantum chemistry, scientist of Altai State University. Previously, he developed a method that allows seeing the transmissions of electrons in chemical reactions.

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