ASU is one of the most demanded Russian universities

14 January 2016 Public Relations Department
High positions in Russian and international rankings allow Altai State University to qualify for the status of an overarching university.

Currently Russia is implementing the project on overarching universities establishment. Its main objective is not to support some particular universities’ development, but to encourage development of the clusters that are engaged in regional systems’ operations. By 2020 it is overarching universities that will be a solid base for skilled workers training and maintenance of regions’ social and economic stability.

In this regard, the first national Ranking of Demanded Universities of 2015 made by International Informational Agency “Russia Today”, which has become an attempt to estimate the universities’ contribution to economic development through such factors as intellectual products commercialization, leading lecturers’ citation indexes and level of employment, seems to be a relevant project. The ranking covers 463 higher education institutions of 80 constituent territories of Russia. Experts generally agreed that the ranking meets all international standards.

It is to remind that Altai State University was ranked 14th by demand among Russian classical universities, taking its place right behind Lobachevsky State University of Nizhniy Novgorod.

It should be noted that Altai State University has employment rate comparable to other classical universities and outperforms other higher education establishments by the level of intellectual products commercialization (by 1,3-7,7 times) and leading lecturers’ citation index (by 1,4-2,5 times).

The key to ASU success lies in long-term cooperation between the university and leading regional companies and organizations in the framework of priority areas of Altai Krai development, improvement of educational programs quality of priority areas, as well as realization of skilled workers training and retraining programs for priority sectors of regional economy and labour market.

It should be added that publication activity and amount of high-demand scientific research are among the main criteria of the competition for Russian regional overarching universities establishment, which points to the fact that ASU has a high potential for participating in the second stage of the competition in 2016. The competition criteria reflect the key trends of structural policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia – consolidation of higher education establishments that takes a form of regional overarching universities creation oriented to skilled workers training in priority areas of economic development of respective Russian constituent entities. It is overarching universities that will provide training of specialists in high-tech, innovative and science-intensive areas of economy that will be in demand on regional labour market.

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