Official opening of Altai Educational Forum takes place at Altai State University

23 September 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On September 20, the official opening of the Education Days in Altai educational forum took place in the concert hall of flagship Altai State University. About 600 representatives of educational organizations from all over Russia attended the event.

Welcoming the participants of the event, the Minister of Education and Science of Altai Krai Maxim A. Kostenko noted that for the first time the region was holding such a large-scale, multi-format, diverse forum, which was being implemented simultaneously at several venues.

“The main goal of our forum is not only to summarize the results of the past academic year, but also to outline the tasks for the current academic period, and also to synchronize our attitude, our vision and understanding in the implementation of the national educational project in Altai Krai and the initiatives of the Governor on the development of education in the region,” Maxim A. Kostenko explained. “It’s not by chance that the key event of the forum is held at Altai State University. Altai State University is the main higher educational institution of the region and this year, as part of the national educational project, we are starting the implementation of the joint project "House of Scientific Collaboration". This is a fundamentally new institution for the educational system, which allows you to combine, integrate the content of higher, general and additional education to achieve new results. The main objective of the project is to ensure that graduates of all levels of education know, feel and understand that you can live, develop and be successful in your native Altai Krai.”

Acting Rector of Altai State University Sergey N. Bocharov thanked the regional Ministry of Education for the honor and confidence in holding a significant event for the entire region on the premises of the university and noted that the educational system cannot be divided into separate levels, as they are all interconnected, and higher education is the final point in this system. Therefore, it is natural that representatives of all levels of the educational system discuss general issues at one site.

“Naturally, university education is our main field of concern, but we also work a lot with talented young people, parents and teachers. Therefore, this forum is a very important event for us, which will allow us to reach a new level of awareness of our role in Altai Krai,” Sergei N. Bocharov said. “As a flagship university, we won the project “House of Scientific Collaboration”, which we are starting to work on together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Altai Krai. The project provides for the implementation of a number of subprojects, one of which is dedicated to the additional education of schoolchildren. We will start the realization on September 1, 2020."

On the same day, within the framework of the “Days of Education in Altai”, three sections of the interregional scientific and practical conference of professional communities on the modernization of technology and the content of training in accordance with the new Federal State Educational Standard were organized. The sections included “History and Social Studies”, “Natural Sciences” and "Art".

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