CISCO Company congratulated ASU on active participation in the Network Academy Project

11 April 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
A letter from the leadership of one of the largest IT companies in the world CISCO was sent to the IT Department of Altai State University, which noted the high activity of ASU in the work of the CISCO Network Academy and congratulations on its 5-year participation in the project.

CISCO Company, represented by Omar Shaban, Head of Global Projects at the CISCO Network Academy, congratulated Alexey V. Kalinin, Head of the CISCO Academy at ASU, on his 5-year active participation and services at the Network Academy and thanked him for his great contribution to the development and improvement of this well-known educational project in the field of IT, which opens additional opportunities for students to master promising competencies. A certificate is attached with the letter, which confirms the good faith cooperation of ASU with the CISCO Academy for five years.

It is to be recalled that the program of the CISCO Academy (Cisco Networking Academy) has more than 10,000 sites located in schools, technical schools, colleges, universities and public organizations around the world. These organizations use their experience in the field of education and their capabilities to provide students with high-quality knowledge of the Academy program.

The academy's curriculum, developed by industry representatives together with education professionals, prepares students for the tasks that they will face in the workplace, and also motivates them to continue their education. Training under the Academy program takes place in different countries and in many languages. Assessment data received from students are used to adapt and improve the quality of lessons, laboratory studies and teacher training. The program takes into account various learning styles and offers multimedia materials available via the Internet; tools for assessing knowledge throughout the course; practical laboratory exercises; network simulators; as well as teacher training and support. At the end of their studies, students can take an exam to receive an industrial certificate.

The CISCO Academy was opened in Altai State University in 2015. As part of the educational activities, the CISCO Academy of AltSU provides university students with training in the disciplines related to information technology and computer networks: Computer Networks, Switching and Routing, Comprehensive Internet, Introduction to Cybersecurity. Currently, active students of the courses are students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of History.

In 2019, a student of the Faculty of Geography Nikita Andreev, after completing the course on Computer Networks, became the winner of the regional and national championship on professional excellence “Abilympics”. Over the operating period of the CISCO Academy of Altai State University, more than 400 people became its students.

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