AltSU will train employees for innovative private schools

15 March 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
The Institute of Pedagogical Education of Altai State University starts to implement a new master's degree program "Educational Entrepreneurship".

The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists who can work in the small business system of the educational industry, introduce market principles in the activities of educational organizations, and ensure the development of the quality and volume of educational services in Altai Krai.

The program is addressed to teachers and managers of schools and institutions of supplementary education for children, small businesses, and graduates of various undergraduate schools. It teaches how to generate innovative pedagogical ideas and create and promote educational business projects based on them, commercialize one’s own methods and techniques, ensure the investment attractiveness of private educational services that are being opened, and enable a future employee of an educational institution to personally participate in the innovative renewal of a modern school.

“The program  Educational Entrepreneurship forms a new type of a modern teacher with entrepreneurial competencies, design, innovative thinking, able to create and implement entrepreneurial projects in the educational sphere, initiate and successfully implement private educational services, etc. To a large extent the pedagogical picture of the world is expanding as a source of generating and developing entrepreneurial ideas in education. It is clear that such a teacher will be highly competitive and especially in demand on the labor market today” said Olga Morozova, Director of the new program, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Director of the Altai State University Pedagogical Education Institute.

The program integrates knowledge of the fundamentals of entrepreneurial activity and innovative pedagogy, thereby forming graduates' readiness for entrepreneurial activity in the field of education.

The content of the program includes the study of such disciplines as innovative processes in education; Russian and foreign experience in public-private partnerships in the field of education; innovation as an instrument of entrepreneurial activity in education; development of entrepreneurial activity in the market of educational services; tutoring as a form of training and educational service; home education; technology for designing educational products and services; educational marketing analysis; innovative management in education; PR and GR educational products and services, etc.

“Undoubtedly, a private school has its own specifics in the sense that it is always an innovative school” says Olga Isaeva, Director of Barnaul classic Private Gymnasium. “In order to meet the expectations of children and their parents, teachers should have experience in innovation, with which a project such as Private School can be made not only attractive for investors, but also interesting in the novelty of its content for various participants in the educational process. The master's degree program Educational Entrepreneurship, in our opinion, is designed to prepare such successful teachers and leaders".

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