A large-scale educational project of Altai State University Career ++

12 September 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
Altai State University has launched a large-scale educational project called Career ++.

Within the framework of the project, the flagship university of Altai Krai provides students with a unique opportunity, along with learning the main professional educational program, to obtain additional qualifications or the right to conduct a new type of professional activity.

Thanks to the project developed, students, while studying at the university, will be able to receive additional education, undergo training in areas that are in demand in the labor market and receive two diplomas at once upon graduation. One is of higher professional education, and the other is of retraining, which gives the right to conduct a new type of professional activity", explains Elena Goncharova, Vice-Rector for Extracurricular Work and Additional Education of Altai State University.

A specialized section has been created on the official site of Altai State University, where educational programs of the "Career ++" project are concentrated. Here you can also submit an application and enter into communication with specialists of the Institute of Continuing Education of Altai State University. The applicant will be informed personally about enrollment in the chosen educational program by phone or e-mail.

This project is attractive because there is a special student fee, which is significantly different from the market value. In particular, if the retraining program "State and Municipal Administration" for students will cost from 9 to 12 thousand rubles, then for other categories of students - from 30 to 62 thousand rubles”, says Elena Goncharova. “I would like to emphasize that participation in the project is an excellent chance to acquire new topical personal, interpersonal and professional competencies necessary for successful self-realization in the professional field and career growth".

According to Elena Goncharova, training under the project is a kind of alternative to a second higher education and gives the right to conduct a new type of professional activity, or a new qualification, which, together with a diploma, allows a graduate of Career ++ to apply for a higher-paying job.

The project has a number of advantages: simultaneous training in the main and additional programs, a convenient curriculum (a number of disciplines are implemented on a remote platform), relating to a university, which makes it possible to participate in other educational programs and projects of Altai State University, etc.

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