ASU students are prizewinners of International Forum for Young Designers

10 March 2017 ASU College

Students of Altai State University majoring in Design participated in International Forum for Young Designers that took place in Belgorod. The forum program included scientific conference, masterclasses, exhibitions and competitions in various spheres of design: costume design, environmental design, graphic design, advertising design, creative design, etc.

Every competition included separate nominations, as well as the following categories:

  • Graduate project;
  • Term project;
  • Professional project.

Anastasia Mayer, Alena Shramko and Anna Domracheva currently study at the Faculty of Art at Altai State University. Natalia Golovan and Ellina Konstantinova study at ASU College. They presented their works at the competition and became the prizewinners.

Anastasia Mayer participated in costume design competition (ethnic style nomination) with the work entitled “Traditional Women’s Costume in Chinese Art as a Source of Inspiration for Creation of Modern Clothes Collection”. The collection included haute couture clothes, which means that each model was custom-fitted and exclusive. Each part of clothing combined elements of traditional Chinese costume with key modern trends. The work took the 2nd place in its category.

Alena Shramko presented an illustration to The Princess and the Man-Eater book by Genrikh Sapgir and took the 2nd place in the graphic design category.

Anna Domracheva created a presentation booklet for ASU College. This work took the 3rd place. The booklet turned out to be very popular during 2016–2017 admission campaign, as it allowed prospective students to get acquainted with the courses provided by ASU College and students’ creative projects.

Natalia Golovan and Ellina Konstantinova introduced their works in graphic design in Term Projects category and received the certificates of participation.

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