The Faculty of Arts and Design of ASU signs cooperation agreement with Northeastern University of China

8 November 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
A delegation of lecturers and students of Altai State University has recently visited a number of leading universities in the People’s Republic of China.

The delegation paid a working visit to Shenyang in the framework of the trip of the winners of the best group and the best student of the university award, during which the Faculty of Arts and Design of ASU signed an agreement on the implementation of a joint educational program with the College of Arts at Northeastern University of China.

Larisa I. Nekhvyadovich, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Ksenia A. Melekhova, deputy dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design for educational work, students of the best university group in 2018 majoring in costume design, as well as the best students of 2018 Galina Gryanikova (Faculty of History), Yulia Stikhareva (International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems) and Maria Kriksunova (Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science) made a trip to China on behalf of Altai State University.

Larisa I. Nekhvyadovich told the students and lecturers of Northeastern University about the flagship university of Altai Krai, its achievements, participation in international rankings and academic life. She also paid special attention to the Faculty of Arts and Design of ASU, its successes and achievements, educational programs and new areas of training, the opportunities that it offers in graduate and postgraduate studies of the faculty.

Friendly relations between the universities were confirmed by the formal agreement between the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design at Altai State University and the dean of the College of Arts at Northeastern University.

“We are very pleased to welcome you in China,” said Huo Kai, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts at Northeastern University. “We are pleased to introduce you to our university and college, where we have training programs in music, art of creating costumes and design, just as you do. I am sure that thanks to the signing of the agreement we will create a bridge between our faculties. We are pleased that now we have the opportunity to exchange students between our universities.”

In a sign of strengthening friendly relations between the universities, the delegation of ASU presented a shirt with an emblem of Altai State University with the students’ wishes on it to Northeastern University. The Chinese colleagues, in turn, also left their message to the students of ASU on the T-shirt.

As part of the future program of the trip, the delegation of ASU will visit two more universities in the People's Republic of China that also teach arts and design. These are Shenyang Aerospace University and Shenyang University of Technology.

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