ASU chemists study the interactive process between radio frequency electronic fields and liquid mediums

29 February 2016 Faculty of Chemistry

Almost all research on the effect of physical fields on the structure and the properties of aqueous systems are dedicated to electrolyte solutions. The change of surface properties of aqueous systems due to field effect is still understudied. This is why the research of possibility of direct regulation of aqua-alcoholic solutions’ surface properties through the effect of electronic field with varied characteristics, where the main one is frequency, is a quite relevant issue.

ASU Department of Physical and Nonorganic Chemistry postgraduate student Varvara Yu. Chirkova is working on the research of the non-thermal interactive process between radio frequency electronic fields and liquid mediums. She is also studying frequency and time response characteristics of electronic field effect on bulk and surface properties of water and aqueous nonelectrolyte solutions (electrical conductivity, pH, adsorptive capacity, dissolution heat, etc.), trying to identify electromagnetic field parameters that influence the field effect efficiency.

V.Yu. Chirkova has carried out numerous studies while studying at Altai State University. The results of her research have been discussed at scientific conferences of different level including international, written about in more than 25 articles (7 of them have been published in peer-reviewed journal) and 1 monograph.

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