ASU physicists proved the ability of any object to develop super powers

1 February 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
ASU physicists have proved that any object can develop super power. Research was carried out by research team of Altai State University under the supervision of Head of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sergey A. Beznosyuk.

Such exceptional abilities as working at extremely low temperatures, diving to the unfathomed deep ocean floor and even coming through walls seem impossible now, but they can become real in several decades. At least physicists of Altai State University are sure of that. Thus, they have recently finished their fundamental research, which proves that any object can develop super powers that can protect it under extreme environmental conditions. How is that possible?

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences S.A. Beznosyuk has been working on his “Nanoelectromechanical Material Matrix” theory for a quarter of a century. The results of his research make him believe that human beings and any natural objects can activate their own super defense mechanisms by getting advanced properties. For example, metal will become stronger and more flexible at the same time, while human body will turn into liquid matter so that people will be able to come through walls or lattice like in Terminator movie.

Professor explains how such changes can become possible: objects’ protective system can be activated by attosecond or, simply defined, very fast acting pulse. This theory has already been approved by international academic community. The next step is putting theory into practice. The problem is that our scientists need special laser. Creation of such equipment is comparable with creation of portable sun, this is why scientists from all over the world work on its development. Unfortunately, they are far from finish.

According to the scientist’s predictions, new laser will need from five to ten years to create, and only then the materials of future will appear. This development will help people work in extreme conditions of Arctic, producing oil under water, dealing with nuclear and hydrogen power industry, while Altai scientists headed by Sergey A. Beznosyuk will aspire to the Nobel Prize.

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