ASU geographers continue researching Belokurikha Natural Park

11 March 2016 Faculty of Geography

Scientific research of the Belokurikha Natural Park territory continues to be carried out. It has started in 2015 and has been aimed at creation of the special protection territory there. The supervisor is Doctor of Biology, Professor M.M. Silantyeva. During the last year lecturers, employees and students of the Faculty of Geography went on 4 expeditions, in the course of which they have gathered vast materials dedicated to geomorphological, hydrological, biogeographical, landscape, recreational and ecological features of the place. Field research has allowed specifying data published in different sources and acquiring new results.

Department of Physical Geography and Geographical Information Systems staff O.N. Baryshnikova, I.N. Rotanova, N.F. Kharlamova and G.S. Dyakova have collected the samples of minerals and geological materials for further desktop study, herbarium of higher plants including several rare species, have conducted the landscape survey, have described key regions and created a landscape map of the natural park during the summer-fall field season. The field research of Mount Sinyukha and its surrounding territory has also been done.

Historically, geographers’ research is rarely done without adventures, and 2015 expeditions were not an exception. But thanks to the scientists’ team spirit and dedication they managed to overcome all the difficulties. It would be impossible to carry out such complex work without their high-level knowledge, skills and experience.

2016 has brought new plans. This year Faculty of Geography employees engaged in the project have an extensive objective of functional zonation of the natural park territory and creation of tourist trails, which will violate recreational load requirements. With this end in view, winter field research has been started in December 2015 and it continues to be carried out in 2016.

The team, which consisted of O.V. Ostanina, N.F. Kharlamova, G.S. Dyakova and A. Martemyanov, has carried out a snow-gauging survey of the territory on 4–6 March 2016. They obtained new interesting results concerning the height, mass density of the snow cover, structure of the snow mass in the field and forest regions of different landscapes.

During the winter research the geographers faced adventures again, but such little difficulties can only heighten scientists’ interest towards their studies. This is why even more field and desktop studies await our scientists. Creation of the special protection territory is essential for the successful development of Belokurikha tourist and recreational cluster.

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