Scientists from China visit the Faculty of Geography at ASU

19 September 2019 Faculty of Geography

On September 13, the Faculty of Geography received scientists from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China). The university was visited by leading professor, group supervisor Dong Suocheng, associate professor Li Fujia, associate professor Yao Yulong and associate professor Cheng Hao. They were accompanied by the employees of Baikal Institute for Nature Management under the SB RAS, who are doctoral students of Chinese universities. Professor Dong Suocheng told the staff of the Faculty of Geography about the institute, its scientific activities and infrastructure, presented the main scientific interests, as well as the available research results. Their working trip was part of the implementation of the major project called “One Belt – One Way”. Geographical research is carried out in the border areas of Chinese provinces, Mongolian aimaks and the Russian regions of Siberia and the Far East. Scientific work lies in the field of economics, natural resources, environment, transport, tourism and other areas.

At the meeting, Dean of the Faculty of Geography A.N. Dunets, heads of the faculty’s departments T.V. Antyufeeva, E.P. Krupochkin and O.V. Ostanin, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geography O.A. Latysheva and senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Geography and GIS M.A. Borisenko provided information on the main types of scientific and educational activities of the Faculty of Geography. Professor of the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography B.A. Krasnoyarova touched upon cooperation with Chinese colleagues and the experience of joint research. Following the results of the meeting, an agreement on scientific cooperation between the organizations was reached. The possibilities of joint scientific work on the project "One Belt – One Way" in the field of geographical research of border areas were discussed. A suggestion was made to create a scientific journal in which joint articles could be published.

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