Students of the Faculty of Geography participated in ecological quest

30 September 2019 Faculty of Geography

On September 21, ecological quest was held at the confluence of Barnaulka and Pivovarka rivers. It was not a simple cleanup, but a real competition, where student teams collected the garbage and cleaned the territory. Students of the Faculty of Geography participated in the "Clean Games" as part of 4 teams from the Equator Volunteer Center.

In total, 179 people and 2 dogs from 42 teams took part in the quest.

In just an hour and a half, participants collected 473 bags of garbage equal to 3 tons of waste, garbage was collected according to separate collection rules: 84 bags of PET, 28 bags of metal, 156 bags of glass, 34 batteries, 12 tires (100 kg), 3,421 lids. About 42 kilos of bulky garbage and 205 bags of mixed garbage were taken to the landfill.

After cleaning, all participants were able to regain strength with a rich broth with crackers, healthy compote and herbal tea.

The campaign left only positive impressions. One more corner of the city has become cleaner, and the students are not going to stop.

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