Baryshnikov Gennady Ya.

department Faculty of Geography
position Head of the Department of Natural Management and Environmental Geoscience
degree Doctor of Geography
academic rank Professor
office 656049, Russia, Barnaul, Pr. Lenina 61, Rooms 511M, 503M
phone +7 (3852) 291-275, +7 (3852) 291-279


  • Regional environmental management;
  • Paleoecology;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Geomorphology.


  • 1973 – graduated from Tomsk State University, majoring in Geomorphology;
  • 1985 – completed a postgraduate course at the Department of Geography of Tomsk State University;
  • 1986 – attained Candidate of Geography degree, thesis “Special aspects of landscape development in the North-East of the Altai Mountains”, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science;
  • 1994 – attained Doctor of Geography degree, thesis “Landscape of transitional areas of mountain structures”, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineralogy of SB RAS.


  • Honourary worker of Altai State University;
  • Honourary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation;
  • Honourary member of Russian Geographic Society.


Has prepared 1 Doctor of Science and 10 Candidates of Science.

Professional interests

  • Geomorphology;
  • Quaternary geology;
  • Seismology;
  • Nature and resource potential assessment;
  • Paleography;
  • Paleoglaciology;
  • Environmental geology;
  • Natural-science methods in archaeology.

Professional activity

  • He has organized and held 34 scientific and practical conferences at international, all-Russian and regional levels;
  • Has prepared, edited and published 54 scientific collective volumes;
  • Is a member of ASU News journal editorial office, executive editor of “Earth Sciences” section, executive editor of the annual scientific articles collection “Geography and Natural Management of Siberia”;
  • Is supervisor of 13 grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research.


Has published more than 280 scientific and educational works, including 22 monographs and 2 study guides.