Economist students took part in international conference in Kazakhstan

13 April 2016 International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems

This spring students of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems participated in International Student Scientific Conference “Current Trends in the Development of Modern Society: Youth Visioning”, which was held in Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University, and undertook an internship in the framework of “Government Support of Entrepreneurship and Special Aspects of Kazakh Financial Market Development” program in Semey.

The conference hosted a great number of Kazakh and Russian students. On 28 and 29 March ASU students Danil Makarov, Victoria Nechaeva, Ekaterina Starodubtseva and Nikita Siukha delivered their reports in “Economics and Management” workshop. They were a little nervous to speak in public, although it was very interesting to visit a different country, listen to other people’s opinions and discuss some topics with them. Victoria Nechaeva captured the 2nd place. The conference itself lasted for 2 days, after which the students took their internship for a week.

The internship was just as interesting. The students had excursions to Halyk Bank (national bank of Kazakhstan), National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, Entrepreneurship Development Fund “DAMU” and Sberbank subsidiary. They learned the detailed information about the structure of these organizations and had an opportunity to communicate with their representatives in person. The students also attended a series of lectures conducted in the form of cases, which had to be solved by them. They had to develop an unconventional approach to problem solving, and the students managed to do well.

On the last day of the internship, 1 April, international intellectual game “Brain Ring” was organized by Enactus group of Faculty of Finance and Economics at Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University. The game participants included teams from Novosibirsk, Barnaul and Kazakhstan. The teams were competing in knowledge of economic terms and advertising skills and presenting their projects in city improvement.

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