Famous Russian economist Mikhail Khazin holds a public lecture at ASU

23 May 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On May 22, an open lecture of the famous Russian economist, political scientist, TV and radio host Mikhail L. Khazin was held at Altai State University.

Opening the meeting, the Director of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems at Altai State University Stepan I. Mezhov noted that the arrival of such a important person is a significant event.

“Mikhail Khazin’s publications, his views and philosophy are known to the majority and do not need a special presentation. They are very interesting, perhaps controversial in some ways, but sometimes events in our country and the world are anticipated. For example, academician Sergei Glazyev named Mikhail Khazin as one of those who, long before the global economic crisis that began in 2008, predicted it in his works,” S.I. Mezhov said. “The disappearance of the middle class, the limit of purchasing power, excessive stimulation of demand, the uncontrolled mission of the dollar – all this leads to negative aspects in the economy. These and many other questions of the world economy, considered in the works of Mikhail L. Khazin, are discussed in the framework of the open lecture and in the question-and-answer session.

During the lecture, Mikhail L. Khazin suggested that students, who made up the majority of the meeting participants, talked about economics, since, according to Khazin, it was impossible to understand the issues of professional activity during the period of study at the university. It would take at least 15-20 years. Using examples from his own life, and historical facts, he explained a number of economic concepts, and also advised young people to always seek answers to emerging questions, in order to study not only scientific disciplines, but also knowledge of life itself.

Mikhail L. Khazin is a Russian economist, analyst, political scientist, blogger, television and radio host, statistician. Former official of the Presidential Administration of Russia. Permanent member of the "Izborsk club". Member of the Supreme Council of the International Eurasian Movement. In May 2018 he was elected an academician of the International Academy of Management. He was one of the leaders of the “Dialogue” program at RBC and was the moderator of the “Economy in Russian” program at the Russian News Service. One of the leading hosts of the "Economics" program on "Govorit Moskva" radio station. Author of numerous publications in various respected journals. Acted as a guest expert on different TV, radio and Internet shows.

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