ASU student successfully completed his studies on the program of academic mobility in China

6 November 2017 Faculty of Law

Last year student from the Faculty of Law of Altai State University Andrey Sizykh participated in an academic mobility program. Having returned from China after a year of training, Andrey shared his impressions:

“Academic mobility program is a unique opportunity to increase the level of students’ education and enhance the university’s prestige. I had got a chance to take a one-year training course in China. The place of my stay was Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia in North China. I started learning the Chinese language at Inner Mongolia Normal University on 5 September 2016. A characteristic feature of teaching was that all lessons were conducted in Chinese. At first, most of the students relied more on intuition than on previously acquired knowledge when learning the material studied at the lesson. I was also pleased with the fact that I had to study together with foreign students from different countries (Vietnam, USA, etc.). I also had the pleasure to communicate with students not only from foreign countries, but also from different cities of Russia. In addition, the university program included extracurricular events aimed at teambuilding among international students in the form of joint trips to museums or to university and interuniversity competitions. The positive thing is that the Chinese government encourages such programs and generously finances foreign students, providing them with comfortable living conditions and adequate scholarships.

My experience of studying in China can only be characterized as wonderful. Training in this country is a unique opportunity for a student who wants to get high-quality education and a lot of new emotions and impressions."

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