ASU will work on projects in the area of Big Data

16 February 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
Altai State University signed a cooperation agreement with Freematiq Company, one of the leading organizations in the area of financial web applications development.

ASU hosted a meeting of representatives of IT Department and Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies with Director General of Freematiq Company Denis S. Gazukin. The event resulted in signing of a framework agreement on cooperation.

“We are going to establish a specialized department on the premises of our organization in the framework of our cooperation with Altai State University,” stated Denis S. Gazukin. “Our main objective is to connect business and education, where business, represented by our company that develops software, will be responsible for the practical part. In fact, our cooperation is aimed at improvement of education quality and guarantee for employment of ASU graduates.”

The company is going to cooperate with the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies in the first place and with the Faculty of Physics and Technology and International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems in the longer run.

“Freematiq currently realizes several international projects, develops complex systems and works in the area of Big Data. By the way, the majority of company’s specialists are graduates of Altai State University, particularly the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies,” noted Head of IT Department Mikhail A. Ryazanov. “Freematiq is going to develop projects in Big Data. It is a very promising direction nowadays. The perfect example for this is Donald Trump’s election victory. His opponent Hillary Clinton had massive budget, TV advertising and other advantages, but Trump used Big Data technologies, conducted a spot advertising campaign in social networks and won the election. Hence Big Data marked out for the brilliant future!”

Denis S. Gazukin emphasized that Freematiq and Altai State University are going to cooperate in such areas as Big Data, block chains and artificial intelligence creation. The first step is to form a research team of company employees and ASU scientists.

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