International conference on mathematics started at ASU

8 August 2017 For Science Newspaper
On 7 August 2017 Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Altai State University hosted the opening of The VI All-Russian Conference with Foreign Participants “Free Boundary Problems: Theory, Experiment and Applications”, which has brought together around 80 participants – bachelor’s and master’s degree students, postgraduates, and prominent Russian and foreign scholars.

The scientific forum has been organized by Altai State University, Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics of SB RAS (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science), Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of SB RAS, and Novosibirsk State University.

Such event takes place for the first time at Altai State University. Nevertheless, the organizers managed to gather young researchers and outstanding scientists from 15 Russian cities, as well as guests from such foreign countries as Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Portugal, the USA, France, and Sweden.

The conference hosts 5 academicians and 6 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science and 43 Doctors of Science, which once again confirms the high status of this scientific event. It will be a good support for young generation of researchers, as they will have an opportunity to listen to eminent experts’ reports and communicate with them informally.

“Altai State University has become a basis for the establishment of great science in Altai Krai,” chairman of the conference organization committee, corresponding member of RAS V.V. Pukhnachev noted. “Substantially, a lot of scientists, who had been trained by outstanding scholars from Novosibirsk, Tomsk and other cities, stand at the origins of ASU. Thus, A.G. Petrova was my student, A.A. Papin also studied at Novosibirsk State University and moved to Barnaul. There are a lot of such examples. Moreover, the scientists cooperate with foreign colleagues. Alexander A. Papin cooperates with scholars from Switzerland. Professor O.N. Goncharova, who is a chief research officer at Institute of Thermophysics and professor at Altai State University, has longstanding ties to colleagues from Belgium. All this is the reflection of the fact Barnaul science is by no means provincial, but has come to a high level. Barnaul is one of the research centers of Russia.”

According to vice chairman of organization committee, Professor at the Department of Difference Equations, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Anna G. Petrova, organizers were guided by the principle, when everyone is listening to everybody. They wanted the forum to be carried out in a form of a scientific dialogue, this is why it was not divided into plenary session and workshops. In the framework of the event the scientists will present the results of their most breakthrough research.

The speakers will touch upon the following issues: mathematical methods, surface and internal waves, stratified flows, fluid-structure interaction, wave motion of thin films, thermocapillary convection, phase transitions in moving media, processes of interphase interaction in heterogeneous systems, MHD and EHD flows with a free surface, technological applications, etc. The reports will be presented in both Russian and English.

“The problems that will be considered at the conference are free boundary problems, which are actively used in modern technologies such as chemical and biological ones,” organizer of the conference, Director of Specialized Educational and Scientific Center under Novosibirsk State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences N.I. Yavorski commented. “All of them are connected with conditions, when there are free boundaries, flexible and moving mediums. The fact that the interest towards this conference is so strong is natural enough, because achievements in this field directly affect advanced technologies. Of course, the fundamental scientific knowledge is very important here, as the most effective technologies are based on profound physical, chemical and biological ideas.”

The outcomes of the conference will be summarized on 11 August 2017. Until then the attendees will participate in intensive work program. They will also be taken on an interesting excursion around Barnaul, during which they will visit the most memorable attractions of the capital of Altai Krai.

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