Student of Altai State University undergoes internship in Japan

25 June 2019 Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies
Third year student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies Galina Yaroshenko has been studying in Japan for two weeks. It is no wonder that she is undergoing internship there, as such ambitious and goal-oriented students always succeed.

When Galina was a schoolgirl, she used to be an active participant in mathematics competitions, became a winner of the All-Siberian Olympiad. Becoming a student of the Altai State University, she continued to participate in the Olympiad movement as part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies team. Then Galina got involved into science, and has already published a couple of scientific articles by now.

Galina managed to approve herself in social and volunteer activities. In 2018 alone, she participated in the three largest All-Russian student forums, the geography of which is from Baikal to the Caucasus. And finally, in the spring of 2019, Galina became the owner of the JASSO scholarship from the Japanese government and was invited to a monthly internship at Saitama University.

Galina wants to dedicate her future life to Japan and follow in the footsteps of Konstantin Vorobiev, a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies of 2006, who won the national finals of the SUN + RICOH “Powered by U!” competition and the European finals and had been working in Tokyo for 10 years as a COACH developer. Unlike Konstantin, Galina is not a pure programmer, but a future expert in the field of mathematical modeling and information technologies in economics, and therefore she is now studying Japanese language, Japanese economics and global development at Saitama University.

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