ASU continues to popularize the Russian language in countries of Central Asia

10 October 2017 Department of Russian as Foreign Language and Oriental Linguistics

Altai Krai has important geopolitical position, as it is located in the frontier zone and actively develops commercial, economic, cultural and social relations with countries of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia, etc. The region is a perfect place for integration of efforts that consist in promotion of the Russian language in neighboring countries.

It should be noted that learning of the Russian language is currently in demand in international linguocultural space, and constantly expanding international contacts of Altai State University that is located on the territory of Altai Krai keep people living in neighboring areas interested in the Russian language and culture. In the framework of The Russian Language federal target program supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Altai State University takes an active part in organization of events on popularization of the Russian language. International Competition on the Russian Language and Literature “Learn Russian – Learn about Russia” for pupils and students from the countries of Great Altai (CIS countries, Mongolia, China) under the supervision of Professor L.M. Dmitriyeva was one of such events. The number of participants totaled to 1,500 people.

The first round of the competition was successfully held in China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Lecturers of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science (M.O. Sorokina, Yu.I. Zlobina, E.V. Lukashevich, M.V. Titova, K.A. Kirilin, T.I. Zlobina, S.A. Manskov, E.G. Romanova, D.S Kotova) paid working visits to these countries, where roundtables, educational seminars and linguistic games were organized apart from the competition.

Seminar on teaching techniques was held in Kyrgyzstan. It hosted 80 teachers from schools of Osh Region and lecturers from 5 higher education establishments of Osh. In Kazakhstan E.V. Lukashevich and Yu.I. Zlobina shared their experience in the Russian language teaching. Tajikistan was visited by S.A. Manskov and E.G. Romanova. Different events for teachers were organized in Uzbekistan by L.M. Dmitriyeva, M.V. Titova and K.A. Kirilin. Interesting and fruitful meetings with the participation of D.S Kotova, Yu.I. Zlobina and M.O. Sorokina were carried out in Mongolia.

The intramural round of the competitions hosted both students and pupils. Each group received specially developed tasks in accordance with their level of training. The most interesting part for competitors and lecturers turned out to be a creative exercise, which consisted in writing an essay about Russia. Amazing meetings, easy conversations in Russian, a lot of new friends – this is how the participants described their competition experience. In the course of the competition, event for school teachers and university lecturers were organized. Due to the fact that educational seminars organized in the framework of the project were both theoretically and practically oriented, they were highly appreciated and received a number of acknowledgements.

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