The best student group of ASU traveled to Shanghai

19 October 2016 Department of Extracurricular and Educational Work

Competition for the title of the best student group took place at Altai State University in summer. This is one of the most important events in ASU students’ lives, as they exert great efforts to win. This does not only involve academic excellence, but also social, scientific, sport activities and team spirit. In 2016 the title has been won by the student group from the Faculty of Sociology. Moreover, it has been their second victory in a row. Last year they got a trip to Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan and this time they got an opportunity to go to Shanghai (China).

Shanghai is the most populous city in the world. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta in East China. Having been a small fishing village in the past, it has now become a major city and port combining modern and traditional Chinese culture.

Shanghai is a great tourist place with lots of attractions, business centers and shops. ASU students went there on 11 October 2016 together with dean of the Faculty of Sociology O.N. Kolesnikova and head of the Department of Oriental Studies D.A. Glazunov.

On 13 October 2016 the meeting between volunteers of Russian Language Ambassadors program, the best student group of ASU and students of East China Normal University (ECNU).

The students of Altai State University represented Russia, their university and faculty and told Chinese students about Russian culture, Russian folk songs and literature. They even sang Katyusha (popular Soviet war song) to the foreign friends, who seemed to know the song well and tried singing along.

The receiving party turned out very hospitable, gave a tour around ECNU campuses and touched upon the education at their establishment. They decided to make a performance as well and sang songs in Russian and Chinese. Chinese students got interested in Russian Language Ambassadors program. They expressed their willingness to register at Education in Russian portal and even join the volunteer team.

It may safely be said that the cultural dialogue was carried out successfully. The students exchanged their contacts, information on their universities, facts about education and culture of Russia and China. Currently, the students of the best group continue their travelling.

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