ASU graduates of 2016 study at Xinjiang University on exchange basis

26 October 2016 Faculty of Sociology

ASU graduates Dmitry Sinitsyn and Alexander Cherepanov have completed the bachelor’s degree program in Applied Informatics in 2016 and entered the master’s degree course. Currently, they study at Xinjiang University in Urumqi on exchange basis.

“When we decided to apply to the Faculty of Sociology at Altai State University, we couldn’t even imagine that we would be able to study at one of the most prestigious Chinese universities. It all started with us learning about the wonderful opportunity to go to China to study the Chinese language and literature, provided by our university,” said the students.

“We were skeptical at first and decided it was difficult and almost impossible to go there. But after addressing the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Sociology, we were recommended to ask ASU International Affairs Department. International relations specialists said that there was such an opportunity and we had to prepare some documents and complete a basic course of Chinese. So we decided to take the course of the Chinese language at our university. To our amusement, it was quite easy for us to learn the language by the merit of our lecturer Ksenia A. Ulianova. On completing the course, we started collecting the documents for our trip. We managed to prepare the documents quickly thanks to assistance of the specialists working at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Sociology. The faculty was receptive to our willingness to study in China and gave us strong help and support. After submitting the documents with the help of International Affairs Department, we sent it to China and began waiting for reply.

In august we received an affirmative reply, bought tickets, packed our luggage and left Barnaul for Xinjiang University in Urumqi. On arrival we were picked up at the airport, taken to the university campus and moved into the dormitory. Other students welcomed us warmly, gave us a tour around the university, introduced us to the lecturers and answered our questions about educational process with great pleasure. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Russian-speaking students studying at Xinjiang University.

The university campus is very big. There are academic buildings, dormitory, park, shops, cafes, libraries and even a pond located on the territory.

We study from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Lecturers are always open to dialogue. They are highly-skilled professionals and teach in both Chinese and English. We have no great difficulties in studying. Our lecturers are always ready to explain the issues we don’t understand and help us get outside the problems.

As for attendance at the university, there are very strict rules. Students, who miss 8 classes within a month, lose half of their scholarship. Students, who miss 30 classes within a semester, receive a reprimand. Those getting two reprimands are expelled. Thus, if you cannot attend the class for some reason, you have to inform the curator about it. Curator is always ready to hear out and render assistance in any situation related to educational activity.

Urumqi is a large city with lots of parks, beautiful waterfront and hospitable people, who have probably got used to international students.

We are happy that we decided to apply to Xinjiang University. Education brings us great pleasure. We are grateful to Altai State University for the opportunity to get higher education at one of the leading universities of China.”

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