Meeting with Professor Sebastian Lentz was held at the Faculty of Sociology

27 October 2016 Public Relations Department

On 25 October 2016 the Faculty of Sociology hosted a meeting with specialist in social geography, Director of the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Professor Sebastian Lentz (Germany). The core aspects of the discussion were the problem of so-called natural risks arising in the territory of Europe and Russia and the human role in development of the society.

Professor Lentz described the key issues of natural risks experienced by our society and solution options. Then he addressed the history of humanity overcoming such difficulties. In the course of the lecture Sebastian Lentz touched upon the history of philosophy, sociology and statistics, which was especially interesting for the Faculty of Sociology students.

It is common knowledge that our planet is currently facing hard times in terms of climate. Global warming, various natural disasters and other ecological matters compel the specialists’ attention with increasing frequency. Now we need to understand all the severity of our problems and start seeking for possible solutions like never before in order to coexist in harmony with nature. In view of this, the topic of the lecture delivered by Sebastian Lentz turned out so pressing and burning.

Professor Sebastian Lentz also brought up the topic related to prevention of dust storms in the territory of Kulunda, which is relevant for Altai Krai.

The lecture aroused students’ interest so that they asked a lot of concerning questions. We hope that such meetings will be carried out at the Faculty of Sociology on a regular basis.

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