Multicultural seminar: tolerance in intercultural communication

30 January 2017 Faculty of Sociology

On 27 January 2017 students of ASU Faculty of Sociology participated in a multicultural seminar, which was aimed at unification of people with different values, customs and traditions and formation of tolerant attitude in the area of intercultural communication.

The event brought together students of different faculties, universities and even countries. Participants from China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Germany shared their impressions of Russia, told each other about their first experience in acquaintance with Russian people and their authentic culture. Some of them remembered such symbol as Russian bear; others were surprised at the difficulty of the Russian language. A student from Kazakhstan was impressed by the peculiar structure of Russian student dormitories.

Head of ASU Department of Germanic Linguistics and Foreign Languages Elena A. Savochkina delivered a report and mentioned the importance of immersing yourself in other nation’s culture while studying a foreign language. Speech by Assistant Professor of ASU Department of Economic Geography and Cartography Alexander V. Krotov made the audience think about the problem of national separatism.

The issue of children, who cannot socialize properly and join in the cultural values of society by force of circumstances, was also considered at the seminar.

Pleasant surprise awaited the attendees at the end of the event. The seminar organizers prepared small presents for every student.

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