New menu of ASU canteens focuses on healthy and wholesome food

5 September 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
By the beginning of the new academic year, the menu was updated in the canteens of Altai State University.

Lyubov Glushko, director of Altai State University Catering Complex, said that when developing new dishes, the emphasis was on healthy and wholesome nutrition.

“We added a lot of dishes with natural seasonal vegetables to the menu. For example, among the traditional side dishes there was a novelty “vegetable sauté” – these are steamed assorted eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions. Cold snacks were replenished with simple, vitamin salads of fresh vegetables with light dressing. We try not to use mayonnaise and heavy high-calorie sauces criticized by many nutritionists. The hit of the autumn menu is the hot French meat dish. But I’ll immediately explain that there are no potatoes and mayonnaise in this dish! Only pickled lean pork, natural tomato, cheese and spicy onions,” Lyubov Glushko said.

The mushroom soup with champignon puree has also appeared on the menu, which is offered to try with crispy croutons in ASU canteens. A new pizza cooked according to the Italian recipe is currently under development.

“We are trying to feed students and university staff not only tasty, but also the right food. Therefore, when developing the menu, we tried to include a lot of vegetables. But at the same time, we did not give up on many already beloved dishes. For example, the menu always has our branded nutritious borsch,” the director of Altai State University Catering Complex summed up.

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