The "Altai-Asia 2012" Experts List

  1. K.Zh. Abilov, Vice-Rector of Karaganda Economic University (Kazakhstan)
  2. N.R. Arshabekov, Rector of Pavlodar State Pedagogical University (Kazakhstan)
  3. Wang Chung-Nan, Vice-Chairman of Xinjiang Society of Countries’ Friendship (China)
  4. E.G. Vodichev, Head of Expert and Analytical Group of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  5. E.S. Godovykh, Vice-Rector of Ural State Economic University (Russia)
  6. S.N. Ivanchenko, Rector of Pacific State University (Russia)
  7. N.A. Kaldybaev, Director of Academician M.M. Adyshev Osh Technological University Techno-park (Kyrgyzstan)
  8. M.Yu. Korolev, Head of the Ministry of International Affairs Representational Office in Barnaul (Russia)
  9. A.V. Levchenko,  Head of International Affairs Department of Pacific State University (Russia)
  10. Li Yu Ying, Dean of the Faculty of Russian Language of Northeastern University (China)
  11. E.N. Maslova, Head of Department of Educational and Youth Programs and Russian Language Support of the “Rossotrudnichestvo” Federal Agency (Russia)
  12. A.V. Ostrovsky, Vice-Director of the Institute of Far East, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice-Chairman of the Russian-Chinese Friendship Society (Russia)
  13. A.A. Seitkasymov, Vice-Rector of Kokshetau State University (Kazakhstan)
  14. C. Sarantsatsral, Professor of the Institute of International Relations (Mongolia)
  15. Zhang Liangzhu, Vice-Rector of Xinjiang Institute of Light Industry (China)
  16. Zhang Zhigang, Vice-Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Northeastern University (China)
  17. Yang Ming, First Vice-Rector of Northeastern University (China)
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