The II Asian Students' Forum “Kyrgyzstan-Asia 2015”

The II Asian Students Forum “Kyrgyzstan-Asia 2015” was taking place in Kyrgyzstan, Cholpon-Ata, “Ak-Danis” resort from September 3 to September 6, 2015.


The Forum’s main objectives:

  • Encouraging the Asian youth scientific and cultural collaboration.
  • Creating suitable conditions for the Asian youth professional, social and artistic self-realization.
  • Supporting the initiatives oriented to international scientific, educational, cultural, sport, health-promoting projects execution.
  • Developing the network communication between the Asian universities, including the universities unions such as the Asian Universities Association.

The participants of the Forum were students, young lecturers, scientists from the leading Asian universities of India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Russia and other countries.

An intensive educational program was organized for the Forum guests including lectures, seminars, workshops, training courses, discussion sites, briefings, educational project sessions, sports competitions, cultural expositions, etc. The participants also got acquainted to the recreational, historical and cultural sights of Kyrgyzstan.

The working languages were Russian and English.

The Forum Organizing Committee chairman: V.I. Nifadiev, rector of Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, member of the National Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Forum Organizing Committee co-chairman: S.V. Zemlyukov, rector of Altai State University, Doctor of Law, Professor, president of the Asian Universities Association.

The main discussion topics:

  1. Education without borders
    • Students’ mobility
    • Online education
    • Development of academic exchange programs and internships in Asian educational institutions
  2. Social standards of education
    • Professional accreditation of the educational programs, education quality independent evaluation and students associations’ role in it
  3. Scientific breakthrough
    • The potential of the Asian young scientists’ interdisciplinary science research
    • Students’ innovation projects in terms of Asian Region development
  4. Intercultural dialogue
    • National traditions and intercultural communication
    • The peculiarities of the Asian youth national culture and creative work
  5. XXI century leader
    • The Asian youth social mobility
    • The mechanisms of the youth engagement into socially important activities
    • The operations of youth parliaments, students’ associations, volunteer centers and other youth unions
  6. Social project planning among young people
    • Socially important youth projects from development to implementation
    • Fundraising
    • Projects oriented to cooperation extension in Asia
  7. Media convergence among young people
    • Students media structures, network information resources and social networks in the Asian media space
  8. Sport and healthy lifestyle
    • The prospects for international students’ sports competition within Asian Region
    • National sports, students’ sport clubs and amateur sport divisions
    • Health-keeping practices and technologies among young people

The Organizing Committee contacts:

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University: Head of International Relations Department, Hadicha M. Shambetalieva
Tel.: +996-312-43-11-78
Altai State University: Head of Department of International Activities, Alexei V. Dolzhikov
Tel.: +7 (3852) 29-81-44
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