Altai-Asia 2017 participants discussed ecological problems

20 September 2017 For Science Newspaper

The second day of Altai-Asia turned out to be very busy. After the opening ceremony delegates proceeded to 5 discussion panels. One of them was carried out in a format of ecological and educational module and was called “Altai – the Crossroads of the Worlds”. The topic was chosen not by coincidence. The forum gathered young people from different countries in order to solve common issues, including global ecological problems.

“I travel around the world a lot and I know the Asian region well – Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Iraq. You can understand yourself that ecological problems are different near Dushanbe, for example in the Gissar Range, and in the vicinity of Yokohama in Japan. In the framework of our section we will try to find common trends that affect all of us. And we will try to find the solutions,” moderator of the section R.V. Yakovlev noted at the beginning of the event.

It is safe to say that the desired goal had been achieved thanks to the format of the section, which allowed holding a bilateral dialogue.

Besides, organization of academic activity at the universities was discussed at the section. This issue is quite relevant for the present moment, as modern higher education establishments must carry out research apart from educational programs. How should the work of a modern researcher be organized at a university of the XXI century?

In the Altai Mountains communicative and ecological sections joined together so that the scientists could discuss the promotion of scientific research and new developments in media.

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