Completion of The III Asian Student Forum “Altai-Asia 2017”

20 September 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
On 18 September 2017 the work of The III Asian Student Forum “Altai-Asia 2017” was carried to completion. The forum delegates returned to their countries and universities.

Summarizing of results and closing ceremony of The III Asian Student Forum “Altai-Asia 2017” were held of 17 September 2017 at Aya hotel, which is situated in one of the most picturesque places of Altai Krai.

Formal meeting dedicated to the forum completion started with a summary of preliminary results and a presentation of statistical data on the work of sections and specific events. The forum participants included over 250 people from 8 countries. The forum hosted 5 informative sections and 2 sections on student creativity and sport. The delegates discussed the results of work at each of the sections and listened to the moderators and experts: Head of the Department of Extracurricular and Educational Work at Altai State University, member of organizing committee A.A. Tselevich; Leading Specialist at Business Incubator of L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University L.N. Kakimov; Professors of Altai State University R.V. Yakovlev and A.V. Matsyura; representative of B.N. Yeltsin Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University A.Zh. Zhusupzhanov; Head of Information Department at the National Youth Council of Russia Ye.M. Marchan.

Yelena Marchan noted:

“The forum has once again confirmed that today every person is a journalist. Well done! I looked through the posts on our hashtags on Instagram and I would like to tell you that our forum has already entered information environment due to the great number of publications. Thank you for that!”

The participants proceeded to discussion of the project for creation of Youth Council under the Association of Asian Universities, the idea of which had been proposed at The II Asian Student Forum in Kyrgyzstan in 2015. Being official representatives of Association of Asian Universities member, youth leaders, forum delegates were offered to sign the documents on the establishment of new council.

Anton A. Tselevich emphasized:

“What is important for us is that the universities, which support the initiative, represented by the forum participants or members of youth organizations would join the council and carry out real work there. The students, who are present at our forum, should understand that this is a youth initiative and not an administrative decision from above. The work of this council will be their responsibility! This will be a deliberative body, and its success will depend on your initiative.”

Eventually, the decision on establishment of the Youth Council under the Association of Asian Universities was supported by the majority of the forum participants. Subsequent to the results of the discussion, the delegates signed the agreement on council establishment.

Vice Co-Chairman of the forum, Vice Rector for International Affairs Development at Altai State University Roman I. Raikin said:

“The forum turned out very successful! I would like to ask you to do one important thing. Keep in touch with each other, even when you return to your countries. I am sure that modern technologies help people maintain communication and ties. Communicate to make the Youth Council established today work. Continue cooperating!”

The participants also discussed and adopted a resolution of The III Asian Student Forum “Altai-Asia 2017”, where the main outcomes and growth prospects were mentioned.

One of the most pleasant moments of the event was delivery of gifts and appreciation letters to experts, moderators of forum sections, heads of university delegations, and rectors of universities that supported the forum.

After intensive forum program, the participants received a bonus in the form of excursion.  On the way to Barnaul the forum guests visited “The Crossroad of the Worlds” Archaeological Part and famous Tavdinskie Caves. As a result, the guests were impressed by the nature of Altai.

It is expected that The IV Asian Student Forum “Altai-Asia 2019” will be carried out in Astana.

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