Master’s degree students of SCO University received their certificates at ASU

16 June 2017 International Affairs Department
On 9 June 2017 International Affairs Department delivered SCO University certificates to master’s degree students from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, who studied at Altai State University.

3 students from Russian-Tajik Slavonic University and Tajik University of Law, Business and Politics majored in Economics, while 2 students from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz State University majored in Ecology and Environmental Management. They underwent training and completed their education at Altai State University successfully.

Welcoming words were delivered by Vice-Rector for International Affairs Development, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences R.I. Raikin; Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Doctor of Biology M.M. Silantyeva; Head of the Department for Academic Mobility and International Programs under the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems O.A. Shunina; Head of the Deaprtment of Ecology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Doctor of Biology G.G. Sokolova. They congratulated the students on successful completion of their educational programs and said that SCO University program was a great opportunity for continuation of their future career and scientific activity.

The students thanked everybody for the participation in the educational process and confirmed that they had only positive impressions of Altai State University, Barnaul and Altai Krai.

“I am happy that I had a chance to study at Altai State University. I took SCO University program in Ecology and Environmental Management. I will have two higher education certificates, and I think it will kick start my career. A one-year training course was a new experience for me. I acquired new laboratory work skills, specifically the skill of growing plants with heavy metals. Moreover, I have found a lot of new friends here! I would like to express my gratitude to the lecturers of the Faculty of Biology and specialists of the International Affairs Department!” master’s degree student of the Faculty of Biology Zhaina Maulenova said.

“It is great that educational programs as SCO University exist, as they provide students with a wonderful opportunity to continue education in a partner university. As practice has shown, international programs open doors to students. Graduates obtain knowledge and competencies that help them become successful on the global stage, realize the biggest ambitions, receive extensive cultural experience, and make friends from all over the world. I am sure that the program will expand, because SCO University’s main mission is to carry out joint training of highly-qualified specialists on the basis of approved innovative educational programs in different areas. For example, I came here from Russian-Tajik Slavonic University in 2015. For two years of my student life I have been seizing all the opportunities provided by universities that take an active part in international cooperation. In 2015 I attended Kyrgyzstan-Asia – 2015 Forum, “Education Quality: Reboot” All-Russian Forum, and participated in different conferences and events organized by Altai State University. In 2016 I underwent training at L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University in Kazakhstan in the framework of academic mobility program together with other delegates from ASU. I express my gratitude to the authorities of Altai State University and Russian-Tajik Slavonic University for the opportunity to participate in SCO University program!” graduate of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems Anushervon Merganov said.

The idea of the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was conceived in August 2007, when Russian President Vladimir V. Putin announced the necessity for creation of such network consisting of educational establishments of SCO countries at the SCO Summit in Bishkek. SCO University is a network university, where each student can study the selected major at several universities, which are included in this system, in the course of some particular period. The first student exchange was carried out in 2009. Currently, SCO University comprises over 80 higher education establishments in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Altai State University was included into the system as a base establishment SCO University in 2012. The first agreement between ASU and partner universities was signed in 2013. In 2016–2017 academic year Altai State University hosted 27 students from partner universities in the framework of SCO University program. 9 students came from China, 10 – from Kyrgyzstan, 4 – from Kazakhstan, and 4 – from Tajikistan. The number of participants is increasing every year.
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